Acceptance in Rockies West National Exhibit,  2019


    --TADA Your Art Space Gallery, Delta, CO

    --One-Woman Exhibit, Oils, WC and Acrylics, April 2019, Fruita, CO

 Education and Experience:

   --B.A.Degree in Studio Art, Briarcliff College, NY 

  --National Academy of Design School, NY

   --B.A.Degree in Studio Art, Briarcliff College, NY

       Minor in Design and Graphic Arts.

  --A.A. Degree in Studio Art, Briarcliff College

--Classes and Workshops

 Jim Pedersen, Watercolor Workshop, Crested Butte, CO

 Tony Couch, Watercolor Workshop, Newport, RI

 Susan Avis Murphy, Watercolor workshops, Columbia and Olney, MD

  Paul Jackson, Watercolor workshop, Columbia, MD

  Carol Zika, Watercolor and acrylics,  Columbia, MD

  Robert Coe, Advanced watercolor, Columbia, MD

  Iain Stewart, Watercolor workshop, Grand Junction, CO

   Mike Simpson, Plein air workshop, Montrose, CO

   David Smith, Watercolor, Grand Junction, CO

--Awards and Prizes

   Award, 3rd Place ribbon, Howard County Fair, MD  2015,2014,2013  

    Winner of Weekly Prize, Daniel Smith, 11th Annual Art Contest


   Baltimore Watercolor Society,

   Western Colorado Watercolor Society

   Brush and Palette Club, Grand Junction, CO

I hope you enjoy and are interested in my work. I can be contacted at

"It is not enough to know your craft – you have to have feeling.  Science is all very well, but for us, imagination is worth far more. 

                                                                                        ~Edouard Manet